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Your guests can expect a seamless experience no matter how or what their booking route looks like.  

Maybe you, the organiser, booked the tents for them or perhaps you are using the guest booking portal for ease of use. Either way, every interaction with us aims to be helpful and easy – from finding out about which tent to book, all the way through to the end of their stay they will feel looked after and special. Whether they go for a Fully Furnished Bell Tent or a Naked Bell Tent your guests can expect a first class experience. 

The Bell Tents Themselves

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For over 12 years we have been building tented villages for clients so we know a thing or two about what makes a good tent. We use top notch canvas Bell Tents from UK suppliers.  

Your canvas Bell Tents will come in 4m or 5m sizes. They are high quality and very waterproof. They are fully enclosed with a zipped in super hard-wearing ground sheethave low level vents around the perimeter that can be opened as well as doors, a central pole, A-frame door poles and pegs. We provide tents mainly in 2 options.

Fully Furnished Bell Tents

What is a fully furnished Bell tent I hear you ask. Well it’s one where we’ve done everything for you. You and your guests just need to rock up, open the zip and enjoy. 

A fully furnished Bell tent includes bed linen (sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases), a winter 13.5 tog duvet, pillows, floor mats, floor rugs, a bed throw, lighting, crate table, plant, bunting and outdoor matting. 

Fully Furnished Bedding Arrangements

What your guests can expect inside a fully furnished Bell Tent

Depending on what your guests have booked will depend on the make up of the tent itself. For example A double bed set up. Or a Twin bed set up. Or 2 x Double bed set up. Or a Double bed and 3 single beds. You get the idea. Whatever they have booked will be ready for them. 

Naked Bell Tents

What is a naked Bell Tent? It’s simply the tent itself. We leave the Bell Tent free for you and your guests to bring their own sleeping equipment. The tents will come with outdoor matting to help keep the tents clean. 

How do the guests know which Bell tent is theirs?

Believe it or not this is very important! While 5 Bell tents in a garden is fairly easy to work out, a Bell Tent Village with 25 white canvas Bells in a large field makes life more interesting!

We label each individual Bell tent before your guests arrival when they have booked via the portal as we have all their details. We use personalised chalk boards on the outside of their tent which shows their name and the set up they have booked. 

Funky chalkboard sign outside the door of the bell tent


Your guests can expect the tents to be ready for their arrival. Whether that’s a fully furnished or a naked tent they will be ready for your guests arrival. 

To make this possible we work with the organiser to book in the delivery and set up period as well as the take down. 

If the Bell tents are needed for a Friday night and Saturday night we will plan to get the tents ready on Thursday or Friday. We will take them down on the Monday. Other timings are possible if the venue is strict on timings or you have a midweek booking. We try to avoid early morning take downs when guests are on site. 

Booking Process your guests can expect

Your guest’s experience will depend on whether you are using our Guest booking portal or booking them in as a group.

  1. Group bookings are where you the organiser book and pay direct with us for the number of Bell tents you need.
  2. The Portal Booking is where a booking and secure payment page is created on Brilliant Bell Tent Hire and your guests book directly with us. 

Guest experience for Group bookings

These bookings are generally made directly by an organiser of an event. The organiser decides they would like 10, 15, 6 or 38 tents. However many are needed! The organiser will then work with us to finalise the bedding arrangements for each tent. 

From a guest experience perspective the first time a guest will come across us is when they see their Bell tents set up and ready to use. If the organiser has shared the booking details with us, the tents will have personalised chalk boards on each tent. 

Guest Experience for Portal Bookings

Your guests’ first experience of us will be via a save the date letter, email or some type of invitation from the organiser of the event. There will be a link that we have created that takes them to a personalised webpage on www.brilliantbelltenthire.co.uk. This webpage will have information regarding the event that the organiser has supplied to us. 

It will have the Fully furnished and Naked Bell Tent options available to book. The guests will be able to customise their tents and choose exactly the bedding arrangements they require. 

Once they are ready to book they will be taken to a secure payment page where they pay for their Bell Tent. This generates confirmation emails as well as further information regarding their tents and what they can expect. A seamless experience for them. Full customer support is available so if they need to amend their booking they simply get in touch with us on the channels we provide. 

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