Planning an Epic 21st Birthday Party with Bell Tents

21st Birthday Party Bell Tent Hire

21st Birthdays need a party. They are a milestone that calls out to be celebrated. While there’s not much you can do in the UK at 21 that you can’t do at 18 years old these days, that’s no reason not to go all out and party. 

Turning 21 is often a time of change. Whether finishing University, starting a job, travelling, leaving home or taking on more responsibilities. 

Our experience of 21st Birthday Parties and Bell Tent Hire

Every year we create Bell Tent Villages or set ups for 21st Birthdays. From early May until mid October we provide fully furnished temporary accommodation for parties all over the south of England. We are predominantly booked by parents after being found and researched by the Birthday girl or boy. 

So why use Bell Tents for a 21st Birthday party?

  1. Gain extra accommodation at your venue – Need 20 to 100 21 year olds accommodated? No problem. Our Bell Tents can be set up to accommodate up to 6-8 people in each making them a very cost effective way of gaining more bed space. 
  2. For Parents: Keep the ‘children’ / 21 year olds out of the house! – Over the years this has definitely proved the most popular reason! 5 or 6 in a house might be ok but you don’t need 40 in the house! 
  3. Create accommodation where there is none – If you are using a field or rented space there may be nowhere nearby to accommodate your guests. Bell Tents will solve this problem. 
  4. Make it easy for people to stay over – No need to book hotels, B&Bs, Airbnbs. Have all your guests stay in one place. One point of contact.
  5. Provide lasting memories for the guests – People will remember this party for the rest of their lives for sure. 
  6. Have accommodation completely organised by professionals – That will be us. Brilliant Bell Tent Hire. All your tents will be set up ready and waiting for your guests. Labelled chalk boards will signpost whose tent is whose. As the organiser you just point people towards the Bell Tent area. 
  7. Accommodate your guests in comfort – Our Bell tents can be left naked (empty) or can come fully furnished. Fully furnished means everything is ready and waiting for your guests’ arrival. Beds, rugs, lighting, mats, throws, tables, linen. 
Funky chalkboard sign outside the door of the bell tent

Booking Bell Tents for a 21st Birthday Party

We offer 2 main ways of booking for a 21st Birthday Party Bell Tent hire. A group booking or a portal booking. 

A Group Booking

Very simply you just tell us how many tents and/or people you’d like to book for. For example 32 people, 8 tents fully furnished. We then raise a deposit invoice of 30%. Once paid the booking is yours. We then invoice for the balance before the event. Simple and straightforward. You can fine tune the numbers, bedding arrangements etc leading up to the event. With a group booking we deal directly with the organiser. 

A Portal Booking

We create a webpage on Brilliant Bell Tent Hire specifically for your event where you then send your guests. The guests go onto that webpage and book and pay for their tents directly with ourselves. We then send you a report on how many people have booked. Using the portal for your Bell Tent Party is straightforward and means you don’t have to take payments or organise any tents. 

Whichever way you choose to book is really easy and straightforward. Just click the yellow ‘Check Availability’ Button above or get in Contact with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs, for a 21st Birthday Party Bell Tent Hire Weekend

Do I have enough space?

With a 5m Bell tent plan on a 2m gap around it. For Bell Tents in a row use a 2m gap between each. E.g 2m gap, 5m Bell Tent, 2m gap, 5m Bell Tent, 2m gap etc. If you need more help see our guide on Calculating the Space Needed for Bell Tents.

How long are the Bell Tents hired for?

Our hire period over the weekend is for 3 nights. Friday, Saturday and Sunday as standard. If you need shorter, longer or during the week just let us know. 

What is in the tents?

A ‘Fully Furnished Tent‘ comes with duvets, covers, sheets, pillows, throws, rugs, mats, crate tables, lighting, bunting and welcome mats. 

A ‘Naked’ Bell Tent is left bare except for welcome mats. 

How many people sleep in one Bell Tent?

A 5m Bell tent can accommodate 8 single beds although this will be cosy. If they are all friends then no problem. However 6 is comfortable. 

Are the Bell Tents waterproof?

Yes absolutely. We use commercial grade, high quality canvas Bell Tents that are fully waterproof. 

What does the ground condition need to be like?

Ideally flat or flatish! Think about where the tents are going and consider what it would be like to lie on that piece of ground. This is normally a good indicator of whether the ground is suitable.

Do I need power?

Not for the tents. Our lighting is battery powered and so no mains powered is needed. 

What vehicle access do you need?

Our Bell Tents are delivered by our crew in a standard Long Wheel Base van. Ideally we would be able to park as close to the Bell Tent area as possible. 

If you have any other questions just let us know or find out more on our Parties and Events Pages.

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