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As a Bell Tent Hire company we supply our canvas Bell tents to weddings, corporate events, school sleepovers, festivals, parties you name it. In this article we will show you the Bell Tent Furnishings we use and the different options that are open to you. 

Let’s get into it. 

Bell Tent Furnishings

Fully furnished Bell Tents

We realise that you aren’t just looking for a Bell Tent supplier. You are looking for a way your guests can stay on site in comfort and style. Fully Furnished is our most popular option and one we use for weddings, parties, festivals and corporate events. The Bell Tent Furnishings are tweaked and upgraded constantly to provide a really memorable and comfortable experience for your guests. 

So what does a fully furnished Bell Tent look like?

Our most popular Bell Tent furnishings.

Our fully furnished Bell Tents  include floor rugs, welcome mats inside and out, lighting, bunting, airbeds, sheets, 13.5tog duvets, duvet covers, pillows, throws and crate tables. All our Bell Tents are commercial grade waterproof tents. 

The Bell tents bedding arrangements will depend on what has been booked. A double, a twin, 2 doubles, 1 double and 3 singles etc. These tents are completely ready for you and your guests to check in to. 

Naked Bell Tents

What does ‘Naked’ mean in terms of Bell Tent furnishings? Naked means we use the same high quality tents but the tents are left bare for the guests to fill. 

We provide welcome matting inside and out but the rest is left up to the guests. Naked tents offer a more affordable option events like school sleepovers. They also work well for people who ‘have all the gear’! 

Chill Out Bell Tent

These tents are generally used alongside a Bell Tent Village. A Chill Out tent is a space to relax, chat and unwind with friends and family. We use our 5m Bell tents to create a relaxing space to gather together.

In terms of Bell Tent furnishings, your Chill Out tent comes with floor rugs and floor mats, lighting, tables and low level soft seating. 

Getting Ready Bell Tent

Getting ready tents are perfect for weddings and Hen Parties. Getting ready tents are furnished with hanging rails, tables, chairs, mirrors, rugs, lighting, welcome mats and bunting. Everything you need to get ready for your big day. If there is a power supply nearby we can supply a 50m cable to provide power into the tent for irons, hairdryers, curlers etc. Just let us know. 

Honeymoon Bell Tent

As the name suggests we save this tent and Bell tent furnishings for the star couple! It is their big day/weekend after all.

Our Honeymoon Bell tent includes memory foam mattresses, luxury linen, throws, floor mats, lighting, bunting, welcome mats, a chair and table and loads of awesome lighting (fairies, pendants, jars etc). 

School Sleepover Bell Tents

Using Naked Bell tents we also specialise in providing self inflating mattresses for our school sleepovers and residentials. This keeps the cost down and means the children just need to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow. We use Vango 5cm self inflating mattresses similar to these.

Furnishing the Bell Tent with self inflating mattresses allows more children to sleep in one tent. 6 to 8 children can comfortably fit in a 5m Bell tent using these mattresses. 

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